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Images below of typical material Domino Plastics buys.

Contact us to sell plastic scrap. (631) 751-1995.

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worker in protective uniform cleaning floor in empty storehouseRecycle Plastic Scrap

Start 2018 with a clean warehouse! Contact Domino Plastics today to sell your plastic scrap for the best price. (631) 751-1995.


Plastic for Sale: HIPS

In Stock – 80,000 pounds of HIPS

hips-jet-pelDomino Plastics  “JET-PEL”
High Impact Polystyrene  – Jet Black pellets
General Purpose – Molding and Extrusion
High Izod Impact Strength
(Free samples)

Call Joe  (631) 751- 1995

Now In-Stock at Domino Plastics: HIPS

Plastic for Sale – HIPS

High Impact Polystyrene – 160,000 pounds  – MI  5.0 – Izod  1.7 – Black.

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Plastic for Sale: HIPS Pellets Repro Grey

Now in-stock at Domino Plastics Company:

HIPS pellets mixed colors – 120,000 pounds
Post industrial reprocessed


Call: Joe (631) 751-1995
Text: (516) 972-5632


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Columbus Day 2015

recycle plastic scrap
Image via Wiki commons

Happy Columbus Day from all of us at Domino Plastics. Discover the value of your excess plastic materials – contact us for a price quote. Best prices paid for all post industrial plastic scrap.

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