Plastic for Sale

Polycarbonate Regrind Clear Now In-Stock at Domino Plastics

40,000 pounds clear
40,000 clear with slight tint

Picture shown has tint.

Polycarbonate Regrind

Contact (631) 751-1995.

Plastic For Sale -PC/PET Virgin Pellets

PC/PET Virgin Pellets

125,000 lb total as of 11/3/16.

  • Blue Pellets 56,000 lb
  • Light Grey Pellets 18,000 lb
  • Medium Grey Pellets 51,000 lb


(631) 751-1995

Medium Grey Pellets 51,000 lb

Light Grey Pellets 18,000 lb

Blue Pellets – 56,000 lb

Columbus Day 2015

recycle plastic scrap
Image via Wiki commons

Happy Columbus Day from all of us at Domino Plastics. Discover the value of your excess plastic materials – contact us for a price quote. Best prices paid for all post industrial plastic scrap.

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