Plastic For Sale: HIPS Pellets

hips-plastic-for-saleHigh Impact Polystyrene for Sale

Domino Plastics JetPel 101 recycled black Polystyrene pellets

200,000 pounds HIPS pellets black and continuous

Izod 1.5   Melt Index 5.0


(631) 751-1995

Domino Plastics New Florida Branch

domino plastics

domino plasticsDomino Plastics is proud to announce the opening of its southern branch office located in Sumpter County in west central Florida about 40 miles north west of Orlando. The office will expand Domino’s trading and recycling service throughout the region. Domino has two other locations –  a New York headquarters and a mid Atlantic regional trading office and warehouse in central New Jersey.  The company also has a distribution center near Chicago. For more information about Domino Plastics contact Mike Domino

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