We Buy Plastic Scrap – Seeking LDPE

Domino Plastics Buys LDPE repro mixed colors from film. Text (516) 972-5632 or email Joe@domplas.com to send plastic scrap offers.

Recycled Plastic for Sale: PVCF Regrind Clear

Recycled Plastic Materials for Sale at Domino Plastics

pvcf plastic for salePVC flexible regrind clear 40K lb PVCF RG cl 80A tubing regrind, medical tubing, 100% clean, 100% clear for clear.

Contact us to buy or sell plastic for the best price. Call (631) 751-1995. Email Joe@domplas.com.

Check out other recycled plastic materials now in-stock at Domino Plastics here.

Sell Scrap Plastic

worker in protective uniform cleaning floor in empty storehouseRecycle Plastic Scrap

Start 2018 with a clean warehouse! Contact Domino Plastics today to sell your plastic scrap for the best price. Joe@domplas.com (631) 751-1995.


We Buy Plastic Scrap

We buy bales of clean post-industrial plastic scrap. Contact Joe@domplas.com to arrange pick up and payment. Call (631) 751-1995.




Plastic For Sale: HIPS Pellets

hips-plastic-for-saleHigh Impact Polystyrene for Sale

Domino Plastics JetPel 101 recycled black Polystyrene pellets

200,000 pounds HIPS pellets black and continuous

Izod 1.5   Melt Index 5.0

Contact:  Mike@domplas.com

(631) 751-1995

Plastic for Sale – High Impact Polystyrene Black Pellets

HIPS-blackHigh Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) black pellets for sale

300,000 pounds, general purpose for extrusion and injection molding.

High quality post industrial reprocessed.

Contact : joe@domplas.con
Call: (631) 751-1995
Text: (516) 972-5632

Click here to see our full inventory of plastic materials for sale.

Plastic For Sale: High Density Polyethylene

Plastic For Sale
25,000 pounds HDPE  regrind mixed colors
Melt Index  8.0
Density .965
Contact  Joe@domplas.com

631 751 1995

Happy Independence Day

Have a safe and happy 4th of July from all of us at Domino Plastics. Help keep America beautiful with sustainable waste management. We’ve been recycling plastic for 30 years. Contact us to sell and buy plastic materials. Joe@domplas.com. (631) 751-1995.

Photo credit Anthony Cramp, CC by 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons bit.ly/1Dts8nn 

Polypropylene for Sale

plastic-for-sale-raw-materialsFor sale and IN STOCK – PP Regrind mixed colors – Homopolymer – Melt Index 12 – Post Industrial
120,000 pounds ( 54 Metric Tons ) USD .36 lb $ 800.00 MT USD
Contact Joe@domplas.com, (631) 751-1995.

PET, PETG For Sale

PET  Bales Clear  20,000  pounds  for sale

PETG  Bales  Blue Tint  20,000  pounds for sale

Contact:  mike@domplas.com


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