We Buy Scrap Plastic

Domino Plastics is a full-service plastic recycling company serving manufacturers with their waste stream and raw materials needs. In business since 1984, we offer reliable plastic recycling services and competitive prices for scrap.

Competitive Prices Paid for Scrap Plastic

Sell HDPE, PP, PC, PVC, PET, LDPE, ABS, SAN, HIPS, Nylon, etc.

recycle plastic scrap

We have strategically located nationwide warehouses and offer fast pickup in the USA for plastic scrap.

Contact us to sell your plastic scrap. Call (631) 751-1995, text (516) 972-5632 or email Joe@domplas.com.

Please include pictures and details of your materials for a price quote and to arrange pickup and payment.

Sell Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap 

Plastic scrap buyer Domino Plastics is plastics manufacturers’ top choice for full-service plastic scrap recycling.  We have a long history of payment integrity. Bank and trade references presented with pride. We purchase plastics that are located in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

We purchase most types and forms of plastic scrap including, but not limited to:

regrind, un-ground, film scrap, lumps & chunks, reprocessed & surplus virgin & off-grade pellets, obsolete inventory, parts, purge, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, PVC, PVCR, PP, Noryl, Glass-filled, Mineral-filled, SAN, GPPS, HIPS, MIPS, PETG, PC/ABS, Nylon, PBT, PET, Acetal, Acrylic, TPO/TPE, Xenoy, PPO, PC, ULTEM, LCP, Teflon, PPS, & more.