Sell Plastic Scrap

Sell Plastic Scrap

Prompt pickups and competitive prices paid for post-industrial scrap at Domino Plastics – plastic scrap buyers in business for over 35 years.

We purchase most scrap plastic types, grades, and forms; including but not limited to: 

HDPE, PP, PVC, PC, PET, ABS, SAN, Nylon, old inventory, film, regrind, off spec, parts, pellets, purge and much more.

Send material offers now using the form below, or email details to, or call (631) 751-1995.

We accept for recycling: pre-qualified Gaylord, bundled or boxed, pallet load and bulk shipments of uncontaminated recyclable pre-consumer plastics, that meet our minimum requirements and recycle them for reuse and reprocessing domestically. Minimum requirements vary depending upon grade, quality, and type of plastic scrap. We buy, pick up, or pay the freight for multi-truckload, full truckload, and half truckload quantities. We provide regularly scheduled volume pickups free of charge for plastic scrap recycling in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, Northeastern Illinois and adjoining states.

Our strategically located nationwide warehouses ensure fast plastic scrap pick up.

Domino Plastics is a financially secure company with a long history of payment integrity. We provide bank and trade references with pride. We offer reliable service and payments for scrap plastics.  Our strategically located nationwide recycling centers ensure fast plastic scrap pick up.

We pay cash for virgin pellets & film on rolls. 

Turn your un-contaminated pre-consumer waste plastic to profit. Together we can divert plastic waste from landfills and waterways and support recycled plastic innovations.

Great Prices Paid for Scrap Plastic

Contact Domino Plastics today to arrange fast pickups and payments for your post-industrial plastic scrap materials.

Your offering will receive prompt attention from a qualified Domino Plastics Company representative.

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