Sell Plastic Scrap

Recycle Plastic Scrap with Domino Plastics Company

Top dollar paid for all types and forms of post-industrial plastic scrap. Why wait? Sell your plastic scrap today for the best price. Contact (631) 751-1995. Text (516) 972-5632.


We Buy Plastic Scrap

Send details and pictures for a prompt price quote and to arrange speedy pickup and payment. Reliable service guaranteed.







Sell Plastic

We need to buy LDPE /LLDPE frac melt virgin
natural pellets. 12,000 to 40,000 pounds

Please offer. Contact (631) 751-1995.


Plastic for Sale: HIPS

In Stock – 80,000 pounds of HIPS

hips-jet-pelDomino Plastics  “JET-PEL”
High Impact Polystyrene  – Jet Black pellets
General Purpose – Molding and Extrusion
High Izod Impact Strength
(Free samples)

Call Joe  (631) 751- 1995

Plastic for Sale: ABS Parts

ABS parts for sale 400,000 pounds (200 MT’s)

High Impact / Hi Flow Injection Grade

Orange Color

Trucks/Containers will weigh 25,000 pounds approximately

Contact: for material property sheet and details or call (631) 751-1995.

View the data sheet here: styrolutiontds300600120829

Click here to view our list of in-stock plastics.

Contact Domino Plastics to let us know the materials you require.



Plastic For Sale: High Density Polyethylene

Plastic For Sale
25,000 pounds HDPE  regrind mixed colors
Melt Index  8.0
Density .965

631 751 1995

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