Plastic for Sale – PVCF Regrind 40K lb

Recycled Plastic For Sale at Domino Plastics: PVCF RG CL 80A Tubing Regrind

recycled plastic for sale Now In-Stock: 40,000 lbs PVC flexible tubing regrind for sale.

Let us now the materials you need and the plastic scrap you’d like to sell.

Contact Call (631) 751-1995.

Sell Scrap Plastic

worker in protective uniform cleaning floor in empty storehouseRecycle Plastic Scrap

Start 2018 with a clean warehouse! Contact Domino Plastics today to sell your plastic scrap for the best price. (631) 751-1995.


Plastic For Sale -PC/PET Virgin Pellets

PC/PET Virgin Pellets

125,000 lb total as of 11/3/16.

  • Blue Pellets 56,000 lb
  • Light Grey Pellets 18,000 lb
  • Medium Grey Pellets 51,000 lb


(631) 751-1995

Medium Grey Pellets 51,000 lb
Light Grey Pellets 18,000 lb
Blue Pellets – 56,000 lb
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