Domino Plastics Supplies Recycled Plastic for Paving Project

via Canadian Plastics

The U.S.-based Plastics Industry Association has collaborated with Dutch multinational chemical company LyondellBasell to use the use of the equivalent of 71,000 plastic retail bags to pave 2,885 square yards of the LyondellBasell Cincinnati Technology Center parking lot in Ohio using recycled polyethylene (rPE).

LyondellBasell partnered with Colas Solutions, the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), and Barrett Paving Materials Inc. to bring the repaving project to fruition – Colas Solutions identified an rPE supplier, Domino Plastics; formulated an rPE modified asphalt mixture based on advanced performance testing methods; and then coordinated production and paving with sister company Barrett Paving.

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